Cleo, Tut and tattoos

The kittens are doing well.  Eating lots of fish, some egg yolk and a little less milk each day. They’ve grown quite a bit in the last week and a half and their bellies always seem to be round now.  It was difficult at first to get them to drink much milk. They would lap out of a drink bottle lid but never much at a time. We even tried feeding them from a glove…very, very messy…and even from a baby bottle, but the teats were too large.

This smells good!

Scrawny Tut wrestling with a glove finger

Then we tried them on fish…at first some mackerel…they loved it and devoured lots…so we got some cat food as well.

 Now they have milk and egg yolk twice a day and fish 3 times a day.

The best bit is, now that they feel safe, they’ve become quite playful.

The fight is on

 The leap and prance and stalk and pounce…very entertaining.

Take that!

Wrestle mania

Then when they’re done, they curl up in the funniest positions, in the strangest places and dream whatever it is kittens dream about that makes their faces twitch and their feet move!

Curled up beside me

As well as the cats keeping us busy…the tattoo gun has made its first Vietnamese appearance. I have completed the outlines for two more Tibetan Mantras on Craig’s right forearm. Adding to the “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra (the mantra of compassion) he now has “Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu” (May all beings be happy) and The Green Tara Mantra “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha” (  As soon as the outline heals, I will fill it in.

More mantras outlined on the arm

Also got to do my first paid tattoo on one of Craig’s boxers. Andrey wanted something to represent his time in Vietnam and so found this tattoo incorporating a gecko in the Marquesas Island style. The turtle represents long life and fertility, the shark’s teeth represent protection, the tiki face has his eyes shut to smell danger before being able to see it and the gecko can represent regrowth and luck. It is a fairly large piece taking up most of his calf and took 2.5 hours.  He’s happy with it and so am I 🙂

Marquesas Island style tattoo


10 responses to “Cleo, Tut and tattoos

  1. Hello to the beautiful Ryan family
    Love he way you took the kittens in and looked after them, they are very sweet but gee they look little.
    Sue-Lynne you are amazing, the tattoos are lovely, and the second mantra is really lovely I’m going to write that one up and put it on my mediation table. Craig it’s sinful that you look so well and happy !!! good on you. Love the tattoo you did for Andrey it’s fabulous. Gee you are a versatile lady, in fact you all are really but you amaze me lovely lady.
    All is good here. I am battling the ostgeo in my knees still, but have been doing a lot more walking, painful but good too. Working two days a week now and I just love it. Found a beginners Yoga on Saturday mornings and I practice Yoga almost daily and have set up a lovely meditation table with a Buddha, flowers, candle and incense, so your Mantra will go nice there as well. You are so often in my thoughts, love and peace, Jay xxxx
    You all take care, you are so often in my thoughts,

    • Good to hear from you Jay. I have just started back at yoga too after my motorbike ‘incident’! Toe was a bit tender in some poses but it felt great to stretch! Please send me a pic of your altar. I’d love to see it. Glad you liked the mantra! Give our love to John and big hugs to you too. xxxx

  2. you’re amazing!!! look at that beautiful turtle 🙂

  3. wicked tattoos sue – love ’em. living the dream 🙂

  4. hello Sue, Craig and Family
    Love receiving the blogs – feels like I am back in Vietnam – the kittens are beautiful – and the tattoos amazing – think I will get you to do my next tattoo Sue, whether it be in Vietnam or back home here 🙂
    Stay safe and keep posting xoxox

    • Hi Sharon. Good to hear from you. How is the study going? If you want a tattoo fom me and you want it back in Australia, you might be waiting a very long time. We love it here and I can’t see us back there for a long while yet 🙂 Come to Hoi An and we can work it out! Would love to show you around our little piece of paradise. Cheers

  5. Hi guys,
    Great job with the kittens. You are amazing Sue, that tattoo is awesome. You are truly a great artist.
    On a different note, it is 6 months today since Jon passed, and you would not believe the things that have happened today, people contacting me unaware of the date, text messages, your blog, a special parcel arriving (personalised number plates for the Monaro which Jon made me promise I would do)
    and I was beginning to think that they had gone astray and then they appeared, today of all days.
    A bit of sad news though, we aren’t going to Bali now. Long story, but all ok.
    Lots of love

  6. Lyndell Simpson

    Well done with your kitties! Glad your adventure is unfolding in such an enjoyable and life giving way!
    love you lots,

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